Valcon takes you all the way, from strategy to action

Valcon takes you all the way, from strategy to action

In both the private and public sectors, managers face daily strategic and operational challenges relating to globalisation, innovation, growth, transparency and efficiency.

Five business issues that crucially affect corporate success. And five business issues where it can often be difficult for managers to move from strategy planning to specific value-creation.

At Valcon, we have created a consultancy that goes further. And deeper. Our work is not finished when the strategic planning is complete and goals, funding and timetable are all in place. On the contrary, we are your guarantee that your strategies are ultimately translated into specific initiatives and measurable results.

What sets Valcon apart? Where do we make a real difference? The answer lies in our unique, 200-man strong workforce.

You will always be assisted by a team of highly skilled and experienced management consultants – as well as seasoned subject matter experts. Thinkers as well as practitioners. And every one of them is thoroughly competent within their area; a competence built through impressive careers on the other side of the desk – and in the field.

We are able to go all the way from consultancy to hands-on implementation. We will not only tell you what to do - but also how . If it makes financial sense for your company, you can take things one step further and let Valcon handle actual implementation.

In short: Valcon takes you further.